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After numerous restaurant outings, supper clubs and insta food bragging I felt it was time to take the next step with my relationship with food and it was time to start a blog. After major reassurance from everyone I know they will be avid readers combined with the promise from friends I will eat for free in all restaurants, GG-eats was born.

Restaurants and I have had a strong relationship for about 5 years now. It started around the same time I moved to London. I learnt very quickly that there are A LOT of places to eat, and that includes alot of places to avoid too! I fell in love with chefs, dishes, experiences, creativity and of course taste.

Over the years I’ve had to break up with certain restaurants and fads and of course gained new favorites and fads in their place.

I hope my blog will give you food inspiration, I hope I will get a lot of recommendations back and more importantly I hope as my blog grows my waist doesn’t!