Simply Steak…

My dad and I had a Christmas outing, dinner and the theatre. I know what you’re thinking, what a great evening. And on the off chance that you are interested, we saw Heisenberg. I loved Anne-Marie Duff (shameless), but think the overall charm was missed on us. Having said that, I find it hard to truly dislike anything in theatre. But, I definitely have seen better.

The theatre district has its fair share of good eats and the choice of pre theatre menus is endless. So when my dad suggested Flat Iron, I initially thought, amazing. Saves me hours deliberating and researching menus. Then, my second thought was, I love that place and it’s been way too long, and thirdly I was filled with horror and dread at the thought of the waiting times. The queues have been know to be circa of an hour or more. Not ideal with post dinner plans, and not ideal with my dad. Patience is not a virtue he is more known for.

Thankfully, when we get there the wait was only 30 mins. They have staff out the front who manage the queue. They take your phone number, and when a table becomes available, you receive a text.

There are five branches of Flat Iron in total. We went to the Denmark Street branch, which doesn’t have a bar to wait in, and in all honesty, there isn’t much around it. Previously I have been to the Beak Street branch, which has a basement bar, as well as a lot of neighbouring water holes. The Beak Street branch I have found to have a longer queue than last nights. 30 mins vs a normal hour wait. Coincidence or not? I don’t know. But accurate on this occasion anyway.

Denmark Street is definitely more spacious, where as in the Soho branch I feel you end up sitting on top of each other a bit.

The menu is simple, they serve steak, and sides.

One particular steak all year round, you’ve guessed it, Flat Iron steak. Charged at the most reasonable price of £10.00. Then of course you complete your meal with sides, chips, creamed spinach, greens etc, and then add a dip. Bernaise, horseradish…. On top of the basic steak, they always have a special steak for £15.00, and that’s it.

A small and simple menu.

We both opt for the flat iron steak, chips and a dip each. The chips arent sharing chips. This is important. I think the chips are too delicious and just the perfect size for one person, not two. But we do share the creamed spinach. (I was clearly in a sharing mood today!)

I love the way they serve the whole meal. The steak is sliced onto a wooden board, tins to hold the sides in, and then a meat cleaver for steak slicing.

I have a friend who thinks Flat Iron is “too millennial”, she eye rolls at the no booking policy, wooden chopping board and wine, to her horror served in a stemless wine glass. I imagine her moaning and complaining about it being too try hard.

Thankfully I do not share this opinion. I love the meat cleaver! I also happen to think Flat Iron is just simple and good food at great value. Back to basics in modern surroundings.

All I’d say is, don’t be put off by queuing times, add this factor into your planning time, and look at the wait to be seated as an opportunity to explore the surrounding area.

I have included the link below.

Have a good day! X

Busaba Eathai- A cheap eat worth knowing.

Hands up how many of you will be trawling the likes of Oxford Street/Westfield trying to find the perfect Christmas Gifts for your nearest and dearest?

You deserve a lunch break, a little haven away from the hordes of people and panic and Busaba is just the place.

Busaba is a growing chain. You can find one in most central London locations, covering all hot spots from Westfield, to Shorditch to Covent Garden. My favourite one is St Christopher’s place. A little sweet spot just off of Oxford Street which thankfully most of Londons Tourists seem to avoid!

The one I went to on this occasions was Westfield at Shepard’s Bush.

All the restaurants are formulaic. The lighting is low, and you sit on a shared table with other diners.

The menu is simple. Thai noodles, curry or salads and the ethos of Busaba is Sookjai. A Buddhist value focused around avoiding day to day chaos which distracts you from having a happy heart. I apologies to any Buddhists out there incase that’s not quite the translation!

I ordered the duck mussaman curry with a roti for dipping, whilst my friend had the tamarin duck breast and rice.

Good things to note are the express lunch menu served Monday- Friday 12.00-16.00 for a bargain £9.95 and then the set 2 dishes for £12.95.

The curry was delicious, I had tried and tested it before so I knew what to expect. I think the key lesson here is there are much higher quality chains than the likes of wagamas, Pizza Hut, etc. A better dining experience, which is fast food without being fast food, and great quality without being expensive.

UKs greatest burger?

Finding out that the UKs best burger was based down in Brighton intrigued and delighted me. This information also somehow passed me by.. Burger Brothers was the winner of the UKs best burger in 2016 so I am very behind on this one 🙄!

I have been told about this place a couple of times and from reading reviews online etc I can see it has a huge fan following. Ranked number #5 out of 851 restaurants in Brighton, it beats the likes of 64 degrees and The Coal Shed.

Needless to say I had high expectations for this place.

Based in the North Laines of Brighton, it’s in a great location for exploring the quirkier side of the city.

As you can see, it’s small and inside there are only 5 bar stools for customers to eat in.

This however, doesn’t stop it from being really really busy. We were lucky and grabbed the last two stools and watched 20+ people enter and order take aways in the time it took for us to order and devour our food. The turn around is impressive, they’re certainly running a slick operation.

The menu is simple. A choice of 7 burgers, no chips or sides. Burger or Burger basically. A quality and simple strategy. Good ingredients and great execution. They just have to master these seven burgers.

We both ordered the classic burgers with a chorizo topping. The burger was juicy without being greasy. The topping (chorizo) and sauce, a little chilli were delicious with a gherkin, nice touch. I didn’t miss having a side of chips, which was a surprise and as a bonus it just meant I had room for a cheeky cheese board later.

I think for the two burgers we paid £15.00, all in all it is a great place for a quick bite and cheap eat. But, is it UKs top burger?

As a bit of a self proclaimed burger connoisseur, I’m going to say not. It is a great burger, and it’s worth giving it a go, you 100% will not be disappointed. Having said that, I think the title of best burger is BIG and I do believe I have had better. I also feel so bad for saying that so I’m sorry. I would put into my Top 5!

Now, I hear you ask… where is the top burger??

For me… Bleeker street burgers is number 1.

Number 2. Five Guys. I just ❤️ five guys.

Number 3. Baba Gs pop Brixton. Indian style topped with an onion bhaji. Heaven.

Number 4. Dip and Flip. The roast beef topping and gravy dip is a great twist.

Number 5. Joint position goes to Woods Burger Kitchen for overall experience and then Burger brothers for actual burger vs burger. It’s a tough call, so a photo of both in honour.

That’s it for today folks. If you enjoy don’t forget to share. Now burger offf…. 😂

Better late than never…

It’s been sooo long! Firstly please let me apologise. A cheeky trip to Bali and Kuala Lumpa, followed by a new job and a sold soul.

I am kind of joking about the selling of said soul (drama queen). I LOVE the new job, even if I do go home brain dead and too tired to eat out.

Having said that, I feel this is a good time to make my come back. The hours are getting better and my feet are itchy. Give me all of the food so I can work on my poor, neglected blog. Hoping you’ve been okay and haven’t missed me too much. I have missed you 😁.

On the upside, when I have been out, I have taken lots of notes (which my boyfriend loves) and obviously I have taken loads of photos (which again, my boyfriend also loves). This has all been in prep for the day I can actually write it all up. I’m thinking the best way to tackle my back log is to do a quick round up over the next week and then start over from scratch.

With no further ado, I shall take you back to the beginning of my blog sabbatical. Bali and Kuala Lumpa.

Please please please contact me if you want more details or recommendations, from food to tourist hot spots and beaches. I have loads!

The below are just my stand out favourites.

Bali 1- Potato Head. I can’t tell you any more than that or it will take away some of the experience. Dress nicely, make time for it and enjoy! Mmmmmm lobster!

Bali 2- Poppies. One of Balis oldest restaurants and it comes with quite a reputation, ask any taxi driver and they will be in the know. We shared a feast of Indonesian delicacies and entered into a total food heaven.

This bad boy recommendation was from the Lonely Planet, and as ever with the Lonely planet, I salute you.

Although Bali has some areas which are total gems, like most of Asia, there are areas unfortunately ruined by us Brits/Aussies. I would avoid Kuta. It’s consists of strips of bars and drunk youths from down under. My early 20 something self would have loved it. My 29 year old self looks at it in horror. Spend your time on the islands, or in the jungle of Ubud.

It’s a really cheap holiday destination at the moment. If you haven’t considered it before, look again. Food is cheap, hiring a driver for the day, cheap. Accommodation, cheap. You get my drift. An exotic destination that’s affordable. Again, please message me if you would like any recommendations or travel advice.

On to destination 2. Kuala Lumpa.

I have actually been to KL before. Years ago, and I can’t say I was looking forward to it this time round. At best I felt it was average. Another city, a bit dirty and I just failed to see the attraction. This time, that perception changed for me. I think it’s safe to say all 4 of us  just connected to this city.

We rock up. Headed straight to food street (not a surprise) and instantly fall in love. Weirdly, it turns out I went to this same street the last time I was in KL but my memory of it is hazy, its obviously a memory which didn’t really stay with me for whatever reason. But not this time.

The abundance of food and culture is dizzying. Theres this undeniable buzz to the road and the smells, colours and noise just creates a sensory overload of hedonistic joy. I think the photos will do this justice more than I can.

The food and beer are dirt cheap. The toilets are questionable but regardless, it’s a food tour not to be missed.

KL TOP TIP. Not far from this road is a road consisting of bars (not as obtrusive as the ones in Kuta). Women drink for free and maybe it was the company or the rum, but what a great road!

Don’t worry people, only one more review to write up on my foodie holiday…. we’re nearly there.

Whilst we were in KL I wanted to go somewhere special. It was my friends 30th and we wanted to end the trip on a high.

I chose Nobu. The reason was two fold. One was down to the views, and the second reason is simply down to how infamous Nobu is. They are located all around the globe, literally from Ibiza to Malibu and London.

Nobu is a celebrity chef, who admitedly I haven’t ever seen on TV or in a tabloid, but wiki tells me that’s what he is. His style of cooking is traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients.

The restaurant decor is everything you expect of a high end Japanese restaurant. It’s minimalistic, has clean lines and positive feng shui.

Nobu is located directly next to the Petronas towers, on the 56th floor, obviously lending itself to the great view.

My sister and I ordered a bento box, whilst some of the others went rogue. The bento box was key for me as it came with the black cod which is what Nobu is famed for.

I loved the box itself, visually it was impressive and thankfully it didn’t dissapoint the taste buds either!

As with any Michelin trained waiter, they couldn’t do enough for us. They bought my friend out a birthday plate, (the desert was part of the set menu but the sparkle and message was free of charge), gave us souvineer chop sticks, (they are waited and are so easy to use), and were generally really attentive.

The lunch didn’t go without a couple of hiccups. We had a guest… a cockroach on the wall. It was dealt with quickly and effectively.  Lastly, the espresso martini was questionable. I am yet to have a good espresso martini in Asia but I keep trying.

The meal cost about £60.00 per person. Which in my mind is totally reasonable.

We had a couple of drinks, great food and a great view. It felt like a special occasion.

I also don’t feel like I need to visit another Nobu but glad I did on this occasion.

So folks! That’s a wrap… catch up number one done ✅. Yay finally I did it!!!

Lahore- Tooting

My friend has been walking across America, well the Pacific Coast Trail more specifically. It involves rubbish food, a lot of perseverance and some pretty big balls. I’m shamelessly going to plug her blog now, but believe me, it’s worth the read!

To cut a long story short, the poor girl starved, lost too much weight, and looked annoyingly good for it. So when she returned, I decided to fatten her up with a curry. 

There are a few places in London known for immense authentic curry, and most of them can be found in one of two areas. Brick Lane or Tooting. 

Both of us being south of the river girls, decide to meet in Tooting. I have, unsurprisingly dined at a few of Tooting’s curry houses and would totally recommend Banana Appolo and Dosa and Chutney amongst my favorites. 

This time we head to a place I’ve never eaten at before. Grace has been a few times, and over the years i’ve heard it mentioned more than once, Lahore Karahi. 

Firstly, a lesson in Lahore. Never judge a book by its cover. From the outside, it looks simple, it does shout ‘come in’, ‘dine with me’ and you wouldn’t be blamed for walking by without really giving it a second thought. 

That is, until you see the queue or the packed restaurant through the glass front. When we get there however, early, around 6. We are the only diners. 

It’s a bring your own drink restaurant, which isn’t uncommon for authentic Indian restaurants, especially Pakistani restaurants. 

BYOs when I first moved to London were a godsend! I don’t think you realise how much money alcohol racks up the bill until you eat at a BYO.. or alternately don’t order wine with dinner… but let’s be honest.. who does that? 

Menus arrive, and the poor waiter comes over 3 times before we are actually ready to order. It’s fine as we’re not made to feel rushed. This is the usual criticism I have heard in conjunction with this restaurant. 

When we are ready to order, we order lamb chops (I want to see how they compare with Tayyabs), onion bhajis, rice, butter chicken, korma (Graces!), papadams, and a garlic naan. 

Papadams come first. Served with 3 dips and came quickly, Hard to get wrong and filled a nice spot. First tick! 

Next came the lamb chops and bhajis. The bhajis were fab. Not too greasy, a nice crunch and absolutely huge. 

The chops, has to be said were slightly disappointing. These are my favorite things at Tayyabs (restaurant near mile end, I ❤️.) They sizzle when they come out, have a lovely dry spice, marinated with onions and herbs and all the goodness. Everything from the smell to the taste gets me every time. 

Lahores chops were limp in comparison. Pleasant enough, but no wow. 

Next up, the mains. Curry is such a personal thing. For me I like a curry in a fairly runny gravy, (essential for naan dipping), not too oily with a generous portion of chicken and a medium spice. This had all of that! Pure curry heaven! 

*** Side note. All currys can be served hotter on request… 

The only sides, garlic naan and rice. Garlic naan was tasty, could have been more garlicky, but I think that with everything. Rice, I was told was nice, but out of principle I don’t eat rice. (Long story)

By the time we finished gassing, there was still quite a bit of food left. Grace got a doggy bag to take home, and we picked up the bill. 

For all that food we paid the grand total of £30.00. Thank you very much Lahore. 

We had talked so much, we hadn’t even noticed how busy it was or how a queue had formed. 

Once again, we hadn’t felt rushed which was great, yet surprising. Also, worth noting, this was only a Thursday so I would say, be prepared to queue if you go at the weekend. 

All in all it was a great eve. The food and location was as I expected. There were no big surprises. Food was above average, it filled a spot and left dolla in the pocket. 

We are spoilt in London. We have so many great Indian and Pakistani restaurants. Had this been located in Sussex it would be the best for miles around, but having said that the expectation for service and decor to be better would be far higher. 

Lahore, once I’m done exploring Tooting a little further, I will make my way back around!

A new and exciting discovery… 

So, apparantly this week in GG eats world it’s burger week! 

I have covered, shared and eaten the bengal burger courtesy of Baba Gs, Pop Brixton and now I bring to you a new and exciting discovery. I am so excited about this place I’m actually typing faster than I can usually talk, which is fast. 

The first surprise is the location. This little gem of a place is located in Worthing. Yes. Worthing. 

When I initially think about Worthing I think of an ageing population and a cheaper Brighton or Hove, just with less hippies. 

After some research I have discovered there is more to Worthing. 

1) Oscar Wilde wrote, The Importance of being Earnest from this coastal town

2) Jane Austen also lived here for a summer (note how it was only for one summer 😂)

3) Nicolette Sheridan, famous for desperate housewives was born here. 

And now it also homes one of my favorite burger joints. 

The Woods Burger Kitchen. 

I won’t tell you where it is. As it means nothing to me, it’s just in a road in Worthing. I shall post the link at the end. Parking could be problematic but it’s worth that little obstacle. 

We went on a Sunday where it shuts from 3-5 (oops, we got there at 4. Organisation skills, not on point) 

We found solace in a pub opposite for the hour. The minute 5 o’clock hit, we were The Woods Burger Kitchens only customers. Initially, this made it hard to judge the atmosphere, but by the end of our meal it was starting to get busy. I can only imagine on a Sat/Sunday it would be heaving, and if it doesn’t it deserves too be. 

Inside, the decor is modern and contemporary with attention to detail in everything. Theres loads of light and the space isn’t too big. It’s just comfortable. 

For drinks we were fairly boring and had water. However we saw people’s milk shakes and cocktails come out and they looked amazing! Don’t be boring. Get yourself a cheeky cocktail! 

When it came to ordering, the choice was tortorous. Do we go for the standard burger, pimp it with blue cheese and mushrooms, or go rogue and get kermits revenge- a deliciously sounding pulled pork burger… then, don’t even get me started on the sides… chips, a bit boring but is a whole Camembert too much?? 

After some serious negotiations, my boyfriend and I choose two burgers, to be halved. 

Burger 1. Dirdy Birdy. House fried chicken, melting jack cheese, crispy bacon and a gherkin served in…. waffles! Finished off with a side of maple syrup.

Burger 2. I don’t think you can actually call this a burger, but we order the Philly cheese steak. A classic. 

For sides, we had a mac and cheese and fries of glory aka cheesy chips. 

We proudly tell our waiter our order. He gives us a concerned look and asks if we’ve eaten there before. We say no and he’s looks at us with a worried expression and tells us we’ve ordered a lot of food. This makes us giggle and we accept the challenge. 

I have to now share the photos of what arrived! 

We kept our word and shared the burgers. The chicken, without doubt was the winner. It was perfectly crispy, not too oily and was lightly seasoned. The waffle made it quite a heavy dish, so I was thankful to be sharing it, especially when I saw the sides. 

The Philly cheese steak, was out shon by the chicken, but still fantastic in its own right. The steak was cooked well and was clearly good quality as it wasn’t chewy, which can happen. I would have liked more of the sauce as I love a soggy philly cheese steak, but apparently I’m on my own with that. 

The fries of glory and mac daddy were huge portions and were just sooooo good. Esp the fries of glories. 

I’m putting it out there, but they could be the best cheesy fries I’ve had. Some people may think this meal has too much cheese involved, but cheese is my religion and I just believe you cant have too much of it. 

We were both so happy with our experience. From the food to the service everything was just perfect. A very full pair, we asked for the bill. 

When it came, we were pleasantly surprised. One beer and all that food was only £31.00. ❤️

I went home, and had a food coma nap with a smile on my face. 

Total bargain and total find. Can’t wait for my next visit!!

Hybrid Heaven

In life some things just go together; they are, as we say, meant to be… 

Salt and vinegar, Ant and Dec, pea and mint BUT could curry and burger possibly be one of these?! I had heard about this weird collaboration and needed to find out for myself. 

Based in Brixton is an amazing food hot spot in the name of Pop Brixton. As with the Boxparks, the space is created with shipping containers which create a unique destination of independent food stalls and drinking holes. 

Pop Brixton definitially has more charm than some of the Boxparks. There are more independent eateries, unlike Boxpark which comes with a Meat liquor and Breakfast club. Pop Brixton is definitially less polished, but that just adds to the charm and gives it more of an edge. 

Amongst all the awesome food stalls, the one I am going to tell you about is Baba Gs. 

Baba Gs is a tiny stall which creates a unique fusion menu of Indian classics with American greats. The Bhangra burger. 

My friend assures me the Naanwhich is amazing, but I have my heart set on the Baba Naga Delhi Burger. 

A single patty, layered with a crispy bhaji, their signature sauce and an onion seed brioche bun! 

Admittedly I love the look of the whole menu and I think it would be hard to order badly. 

My friend opts for the chicken tikka burger.  24 hour marinated chicken with a tamarin chutney and fresh mint cumin riatha. 

We grab two ales, brewed locally from the bar opposite and wait for the burgers to be ready. 
Needless to say when they came we were speechless. In awe. A superb mess to eat and the taste was out of this world. 

There was so much depth to the flavour and the texture between the bun, patty and crispy bhaji was just heaven.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves but I can assure you it was the best £8.00 ever spent! 
Get yourself to POP and make sure you go with an empty stomach.

Cheap as chips! 

Usually, my food posts are restaurants not bars… and meals not bar snacks. 

Today however, I am going to break those rules to share a secret pub and  a special bar snack. 

This pub has been a regular over the years, especially as a poor assistant in London with fellow poor assistant friends! For old time sake I revisited last night and feel the pub deserves a shout out. 

The house wine is £9.00 a bottle. It is not a Wetherspoon and it is in London!

Bad side, the £9.00 wine is a Chardonnay and although a few years ago you could proudly say to the table, “I’m going to get a couple of bottles for the table”, we now have taste buds and order Sauvignon not house. This is special, as ordering anything but house used to be an event I saved for when my dad came to visit. 

The Sauvignon was oyster bay, one of my faves and it was £12 for the bottle!

The pub itself is as close as you can get to a village pub. It’s full of builders, it’s a bit grotty but it’s as far away from a London cocktail bar as you can get! All in all I love it and moan about it all at the same time! 

I’m writing this post as I wanted to share last nights discovery… 

Wait for it! 

Chips, topped with mac and cheese! 

Yep.. that’s right people… 

Chips….layered with cheese…. and pasta. 

I feel everyone should try this, it could be the wine but they were so delicious and hit the spot. At £6.00 for a huge portion for two, they are the find of the year! 

Thank you very much! 

Try it, visit or just make it at home either way I want photos please!

Bone Daddies… 

I was very excited to hear about a new Japanese restaurant opening with an awesome name… Ichy Buns… I checked it out online, read some reviews and arranged to meet 3 friends. To my horror, when we got there it was shut. I was slightly red faced and realised Ichy Buns was a liar and clearly bought their restaurant reviews…  they weren’t actually open yet… 

I clearly wanted to show off my foodie homing skills and casually say, Bone Daddies is round the corner, lets go. They didnt actually see me google nearby restaurants and pick the one I’d heard of the most. 🙈

We were in the heart of Soho, china town end so there was a lot of restaurants and cheap eats to choose from. My top tip for China town is to plan and research. If you’re not careful you can end up at a horrendous Chinese buffet or if you’re lucky, a hidden gem. Who know, after this review you could find yourself in Bone Daddies. 

Bone Daddies is a casual, buzzing Japanese restaurant with a great vibe and great menu. It specialises in ramen which is a Chinese wheat noodle based dish, in a broth, layered with slices of meat. 

Bone Daddies is small, or cosy as us Londoners say, with high tables which are shared. There’s music in the background and a buzz of people talking, laughing and eating. 

We went straight from work and got in straight away, however by the time we left there was a queue to get in. 

The menu, from the food to the drinks is vast. My friends had frozen margaritas whilst I went straight for the prosecco. At £5.00 for the bubbles and £8.50 for the margaritas I felt it was more than reasonable for Soho. Also, if you are feeling more authentic, grab yourself a sake! 
For mains, we went straight to ramen all round. If you were interested in a starter, the Korean fried chicken wings looked on point. 👌

I had the harrisa lamb ramen, with a 2* spicy eating. This was ramen, with lamb rib, aubergine, chilli, onion and beans. My friends had the T22 and the Tonkotso. 

In the middle of the table are bibs, because it truly goes everywhere if tackling with chop sticks. Theres cutlery for amateurs who dare to use them and then soy, chilli etc to pimp your meal. 

My food didn’t need any additional spice. It was a nice bareable spice rather than a food challenge. The lamb was slow cooked and tender and the portion was generous. 

At first I didn’t get ramen as a concept. I’m not a broth fan and I put ramen and stew in the same category, but that was wrong of me. Ramen is full of flavour and spice and on a rainy August day it was like a hug! 

I think this is the perfect winters meal and can be replicated quite easily in your own kitchen.

 This winter, or if the weather doesn’t pick up, sooner, I’m definitely going to attempt one. 

I really enjoyed Bone Daddies and at £13.00 for a huge bowl I think it’s a great find. It’s probably too messy for a first date but it’s a great casual hang out for sure. 

Check out the link, and if you visit soon please let me know!

Riddle & Finns

I had heard about Riddle and Finns for a long time and needless to say with my love of seafood it had been on the list for a while. Riddle and Finns have been established for 10 years now and has expanded to a second branch on the beach front. 

We chose to go to the original one, located for the famous Laines in the heart of Brighton. My friend had also recommended it over e.g. beach branch saying it had more of an atmosphere. 

From the outside it’s quaint and cosy looking and inside they have high seating, candles and marble top tables. 

Combined, it creates a rather decadent, but not over the top cosy ambience. I do have two criticisms to the Laines branch. 1) you can’t pre book and 2) tables are shared. 

Worth noting, at Riddle and Finns The Beach, you can actually reserve a table. 

We are seated at a fairly large table with 4 other girls and two free seats directly in front of us (not free for long) 

The waitress, who throughout our dining experience is amazing, brings us a basket of warm bread and 4 dips, including a pate and taramasalata. Nice touch, I now also serve my butter in a big shell 😉. 

We hadn’t decided on a main but we 100% knew before we got there that we wanted black velvets and oysters.

The Black velvet is served in a tankard and is basically Guinness mixed with champagne. I’m going to try to make the paupers version with prosecco… will let you know how that goes!

We also had the oysters on the special board, from Jersey. Apparently they are creamier, they were and it was a great start and a great Sunday! 

By the time we had devoured the oysters, we had decided to share the platter for the main. We select the most basic of platters at £30.00 and bulk it up with chips and warm sausages. Annoyingly this platter also comes with oysters which we’ve already had, but oh well. 

It had to be said, this platter is not for the faint hearted, and I definitely learnt a few things. 
1) I generally like hot seafood more than cold seafood. Cold razor clams look and taste like a bush tucker trial (Im a celeb reference) 

2) Dont sit opposite anyone trying to claw their way into a crab. The people opposite didn’t touch their meal and I’m sure it’s because of our table manners. Peeling prawns isn’t pretty. 

3) Oyster varieties really do taste different. The oysters with our platter were rock oysters and reminded me of my dad and childhood and tasted completely different to the jersey ones. 

4) Always try new things. It wasn’t my favorite meal I’ve had but that was down to my selection. I should have had monkfish or something and when I go back I will choose differently. I did learn too much cold seafood is just too much for me. 

Riddle and Finns however was cosy and lovely, the service was great and actually the platter was great value for money at £30.00. By the time you add a starter, sides, drinks and a tip its not cheap, but it’s not supposed to be (we paid £100 between 2.) It is fresh seafood, a local business and well worth the visit. 

If you are squeamish, or not confident with seafood, maybe ask the staff for recommendations. Some of the dishes were fully dressed crabs and I can see would be off putting to some people, like the unfortunate people in front of us. 

It’s a restaurant which is ultimately a great addition to Brighton. 

Please feel free to share and let me know if you’ve been!