GG Eats Recommends..

I often get asked for recommendations so thought I would put my faves into a quick, easy to read guide here…. I will update these over the next few weeks to include best date night, best girls night, best burger (i’m going to love researching this one), best roast and the list goes on!

Best place for something special-  I was lucky enough to go here for my birthday this year. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, ranked 36th best restaurant in the world, one of only 3 restaurants in England to make the list. I will write a blog entry about this one, as it deserves more than just a few lines. In the mean time I shall leave you with a photo of the day.

Best Indian – to eat in – although I have been to Tamarind(*) and alike I still go back to my old fave Tayyabs. Positives are its cheap, BYO, suitable for a large group and you’re almost guaranteed a good atmosphere. It does mean the queues can be big (even when you book) and obviously you don’t go there for the service. Make sure you have the Chops. They’re the star attraction!


Best Indian- takeaway- Hands down this has to go to Chilli Pickle in Brighton. Its no surprise this one makes the list. They were the recent winners of Tom kerridge’s “Best of British Takeaways” the Indian episode and in my mind they are a worthy winner! Takeaways come in Thali boxes  and railway trays. They do also have a restaurant which again I highly recommend!

Best Steak- Boisdales of Belgravia. I’m not sure whether this was the most amazing Steak in the world or whether if I love it simply because of the overall experience. Either way if i’m asked for steak recommendations I point them in the direction of Boisdales over the usual Hawksmoor or Gaucho. Boisdales is a lively Scottish restaurant complete with Cigar terrace, enormous whisky list and Jazz every evening.

Best- unusual dining experience – Dans Le Noir Dining in the dark. The menu is a surprise menu, there are options to select fish, meat, vegetarian or a mixture of all 3. The waiters are visually impaired and the whole experience becomes a sensory overload. I wont say much more than that but add it your list and GO!

Best Brunch- This is a tricky one as I find great brunch places are popping up all the time. A few of my faves are Dishoom (for their bacon naans), Bens canteen (for some sturdy hashbrowns!) and who doesn’t like going through the fridge door at The breakfast club? At this point I can’t decide which brunch place ranks highest, so I shall leave you with a pic from Dishoom and links to none!

Best Japanese- Sexy Fish  This is a pricey number, and a fitting name! Everything about this restaurant really is sexy! The interior, the clientele, the staff and the food! We loved the kimchi marinated octopus and pork belly the most, and opted for the a la carte menu. They do have some great set menus though. Here’s a pic of my sister at Sexy fish!

Dont forget to watch this space! I shall update you if there happens to be any movers… who will get kicked off my list first?!? Please send me your faves and any recommendations too!