About me

So I am Gemma Green. 29 years young… And this is me!

I am originally from a small village in Sussex – about 10 miles from Brighton. The pub to shop ratio is good with 3 pubs to 1 shop and more impressively we have a Brewery!

I left college a bit clueless as what to do in life so I did the sensible thing and I traveled. My travels took me from South America around the world until I hit Asia and then home again. A few crappy office jobs and another stint travelling with my gal pals and I found myself looking for a career.

Luck and a snow storm were on my side when I landed a job in fashion and after sticking at the same job for 2 whole years, my next step took me to London.

I definitely took to London like a duck to water….

Everything you hear about London is so true. Rent is expensive, drinks are expensive, there’s an endless amount to do! Drinking is acceptable any time from lunch time and you avoid doing anything touristy at the weekends.

I still have a network and boyfriend in Brighton and for me its the perfect balance. London and Brighton both on my door step.